One of the most dramatic impacts of the pandemic  to both individuals and organization is a dramatic demand for reskilling and upskilling.  At this time major industries cannot even afford to hire new talent, therefore it has become crucial to invest in a workforce adaptable to market changes and disruptions.  This has given rise to online learning and training which is now on the  rise even though the consumption of content between the employed, unemployed and entrepreneur are different.

According to World Economic Forum 2020, on the future of Jobs, the top skills and skill groups which employers see as rising in prominence in the lead up to 2025 include groups such as critical thinking and analysis as well as problem-solving, and skills in self-management such as active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility. 

At Skillcomvalley we recognize this gap, hence our courses are tailored to fill the gap.


Victor Prince Dickson

Victor Prince Dickson

Inventor Kommon Sense and Founder Micro Reality Thinking Academy (Skillcomevalley). Consumate teacher, author and VC. He is the proponent of organic Intelligence, an expert in Transformation Intelligence and Coordinating Ambassador, World Creativity and Innovation week Africa. (WCIW)

Maxwell Yekaghe

Maxwell is the COO of El-spice. He is the Programme Director of the Micro Reality Thinking Academy (MRTA) , Researcher, Editor, Writer,  Course development and instructional design expert.  He is passionate about helping individuals and organization align vison to values

Charles E. Emmanuel

 He is a skilled Audio-Visual content creator, a Film Maker, the Producer of Varsity Diaries, a TV drama series, and Radio/TV Host. He is the President of the African Students Leadership Summit and currently the director of media at El-spice Media Limited.


Attending this class is a gift to me. Discovering Emotional Intelligence from a different angle has made me consciously feel the need to filter myself of negativity. I have acknowledged the power of Emotions and how Emotions can be created from the most minute experience. Looking forward to the next class.
Nanre Zwalnan
Media practitioner
60 seconds was great. I love every bit of illustration; how animal behaviours and attributes relate to the human behaviour both internally and externally, on business and out of business. Thank you
Gachomo Pam-Hworo
Awesome class. I was awakened to my time misuse, my need for better management of my time and my untapped potential.
Okafor George
Graphics Designer
This is an outstanding training session and if I will forget everything, I can never and will not forget the concept of Start up and the angle of penetration. It goes down well with me.
Arinze Sunday