Welcome to learning Solutions and Innovations

Skills & Competence Valley is an EdTech brand focused on learning innovations and solutions that empower organizations to meet education and workplace learning needs. 

At Skillcomvalley, we recognize the evolution of learning, the role of technology  in creating learning experiences and the exponential growth of Learning Management System (LMS). As the world head towards the great Global Reset, online learning and Micro learning will without doubt take the center stage for Skilling, Upskilling and Reskilling.

To this effect we are  strategically positioned to offer relevant services in this field.


Installation of LMS

LMS requires numerous features, tools, and add-ons. Based on the number of features and functions you want; we help you handle this hard part while you focus on other aspects of your vision.

Content Development

The key challenge of LMS is content, we will guide you through best practices in Instructional Design, online classroom tricks, assessment, and course management.

Support and Management

To stay competitive, you must run lean. There is no need to outfit a department for LMS, we can help you manage your system, providing support when necessary.

Training of Instructors

Synchronously or asynchronously, we will help you reskill and upskills your instructors and staff for an effective online instructional practice that meets the needs of online learners.

Add-on Tools/Technology

The changing space of Technology requires consistent updates and adaptation. Our mandate is to bring you to speed with innovations in learning that will improve your performance and success.

Marketing and Sales

Except for customized courses, promotion and sales of learning experiences, are important aspects of LMS, this can be challenging most times. We are here to help you in this regard. 

Freelance Instructors/Instructional Designers

We provide 21st century Instructors and Instructional designers to help you flesh out your lesson vision. Choose from our registered instructors and instructional designers.