At Skillcomvalley, we believe that only a collaborative learning environment with a learning culture in which all participants are involved in a collective effort of understanding and applying lessons truly deepens the learning experience.

This is why the Skillcomvalley community places a premium on encouraging a diversity of experiences, expertise and thoughts being shared via the community platform.

It is out confidence that this platform will advance individual and collective knowledge as well as results overtime.


  1. Click on preferred category or area for instance Business, Leadership or Personal Development.
  • Click on sub-category under main category and feel free to:
  • Ask questions and help others
  • Discuss courses you’re studying
  • Meet learners and experts from around the world

Please note:

  1. Before posting, take a moment to read any ‘related topics’ that are similar to your issue. These will pop up when you write the title of your post. Your question might already have an answer!
  • If you decide to continue with your post, make the title clear and descriptive. Publish it in the correct forum – that’s usually Community Help & Questions. 
  • It may take some time to get an answer so please be patient.
  • Please don’t post the same question more than once. Duplicate posts will be removed.
  • When a community member responds to your question, show appreciation for the time they took to try to help you. Kindness goes a long way!