Instructional Innovation Course

 Instructional innovation is a departure from Traditional based learning which is focused on memorization and cramming to a modern method based on active learning and memorable experience. This prerequisite course will prepare you to be successful in the instructional innovation course. It is a fact that as the World begins the journey towards the great global RESET, Learning will …

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Woman Intelligence by skillcomvalley.com

Woman Intelligence

March /April  SESSION CLOSED NEXT BATCH N26,700 , BEGINS May  27TH payment challenges, transfer into 1021788685 El-spice Media Limited, UBA, and send proof of payment to WhatsApp (234 8036126128) ..INTRODUCTION “victor if a woman is divided into two, which part will you choose, waist up or bottom down?  This question was thrown at me in …

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Skills and Competence Factory, Problem solving for Online Business Course

Problem Solving For Online Business

All businesses both online and offline are established to solve problems through products and services. However, the biggest challenge that Creative Entrepreneurs face when they begin a business online is knowing what kind of problem they want to solve with their products or services. Knowing exactly the pain point and pleasure point your product or …

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Improve Your Productivity: Mind Mastery and Discipline Course at Skillcomvalley

How To Improve Productivity

Personal productivity is ultimately about achieving goals. It is how efficiently you can complete tasks important to you consistently as well as completing the actions that move you closer to accomplishing your goals in a manner that brings balance and result. This is also working in alignment with your natural tendencies, needs, abilities, preferences, and purpose …

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