Instructional Innovation Course

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 Instructional innovation is a departure from Traditional based learning which is focused on memorization and cramming to a modern method based on active learning and memorable experience. This prerequisite course will prepare you to be successful in the instructional innovation course.

It is a fact that as the World begins the journey towards the great global RESET, Learning will become the premium means of growth and development.

Even so, traditional learning methods will no longer be effective, it has to be easier, faster and the experience memorable.
The focus will no longer be knowledge but understanding, emphasis will no longer be based on Memorization and Cramming but on investigation, discovery, and engagement.

In this course you will learn :

  1. The mindset of the 21st-century Instructor and Learner
  2. How to reframe learning conversations
    The place of personality and diversity in learning and teaching
  3. Environment focused learning
  4. How to reframe learning outcomes to scale active participation and build lasting experience.