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…how to build and multiply your income

It is very easy to hear a lot of coaches and consultants in the online business space talk about large amounts of money they earn from the online business. However, what many have failed to realize is that there is a lot of back-end work that goes into the whole process before there is any massive return on investment.

Business (both online and offline) is a game of decisions, it is those decisions that help you find and seize opportunities in the market. Understanding this will help you optimize your resources, align your products and services for the most effective market-focused strategy to meet your online business goals from a revenue generation perspective.

This is where Market Intelligence steps in by playing a critical role in the decision-making process and in the online business space knowing the exact pain points and pleasure points of the customer are the only way to have a 360-degree perspective before you begin your product design and development.

This course is designed to give you the knowledge and insights required to participate, exploit and succeed in the value chain of various income streams for a win in the online business.

Please note that this course is part of the larger 360 Online Business Model Course. To access the full course for holistic knowledge and understanding, click this link (insert link)


This course is made up of 6 lessons as well as 2 downloadable materials to guide you to tap into an improved revenue generation formula from a back-end perspective.


  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Online Business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Affiliates
  • Aggregators
  • Researchers
  • Marketers
  • Drop Shippers


  • Gain familiarity with the fundamentals of online business income streams.
  • Access strategic positioning insights to leverage each and every income stream available in the online space.
  • How to improve your productivity and results with the 5 pillars of success.
  • How to focus your energies, skills and investment for guaranteed ROI.
  • Understand the entire field of play before entry.
  • Recognize the opportunities available in freelancing, content creation, affiliate marketing, aggregator marketplace and drop shipping.
  • Understand the challenges of online business with a view to overcoming them.