To win over a Weaponized Noise such as we are experiencing today, you need to design your Silence.

  1.  The world has become so noisy; silence is now a challenge. 
  2. We have become so caught up with a “Weaponized Noise” that we no longer possess the capacity to sit still, reflect and review.
  3. It took COVID-19 to even force us to consider our free fall, yet billions did not get the Cue.
  4. Consequently, we have become strangers to ourselves and our purpose and by extension, we have become strangers to everything we hold dear and claim importance including Loved ones and Vision mates.
  5. You can see the damaging effects playing out in our choice of relationship(s), marriage, business, career, and even Nation building.

Ultimately, we have lost control of our lives. This is not OKAY! To win over a Weaponized Noise such as we are experiencing today, you need Silence. Silence at this level is a Skill, one with the capacity to solve personal and community specifics. “The Art of Silence in a world of Noise” contains the dynamics of Silence for different situations. To recover yourself and take a lead, this is the best companion you will ever get in the midst of this NOISE.

Design your silence, make your Art Today!


Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of Kommon Sense. a gamification tool for mastering life and work skills, such as Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Strategic Communication, and Negotiations Skills just to mention a few. He is the founder of Skillcom Valley. lead proponent of Organic Intelligence fondly called the Transformation Consultant. He is an Entrepreneur, a consummate Teacher. Executive Director El-spice Media Limited and Coordinating Ambassador World Creativity and Innovation Week. Africa.