Learn the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Start Up

It is unthinkable to assume that a business can grow above the mind of the founder. above the quality of their thoughts, vision, and in most cases relationship.

In principle, Entrepreneurship is the ability, capability, and capacity to create, develop, organize and scale any enterprise despite all of its uncertainties.

This is why entrepreneurship is different from Trading, Career and Business. Yet despite this simple appreciation of the concept, according to a report in 2019, the failure rate of startups was around 90%. with 21.5% of startups failing in the first year, 30% in the second year, 50% in the fifth year, and 70% in their 10th year. What do you think is responsible? I say the Disconnect!

A disconnect between the driver and the process. The Entrepreneur Vs Entrepreneurship. This lack of congruency is responsible for the huge failure we experience in Start-Ups, It is unthinkable to assume that a business can grow above the mind of the founder. above the quality of their thoughts, vision, and in most cases relationship. 

The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship clarifies this point at the same time provides the dynamics between the driver and the process. My ultimate focus is to help you understand that you must first BECOME before you can engage the process effectively, otherwise, you are bound to become a statistic.


Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of Kommon Sense. a gamification tool for mastering life and work skills, such as Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Strategic Communication, and Negotiations Skills just to mention a few. He is the founder of Skillcom Valley. lead proponent of Organic Intelligence fondly called the Transformation Consultant. He is an Entrepreneur, a consummate Teacher. Executive Director El-spice Media Limited and Coordinating Ambassador World Creativity and Innovation Week. Africa.

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“In my opinion this is a good work that tries to discuss issues and values that the Entrepreneurs need to know and handle even from the early stage and also hold on to even in business. Some of the issues and values are not commonly presented like this in our textbook on management. The spiritual perspectives presented here for the success of the Entrepreneur are of importance. I recommend this work for presentation, workshop, and seminars and to be taught in our higher institutions of learning”.
Job Jack Bot
Job Jack Bot (Banker/Administrator)
“The ways of the modern society have proven to be toxic, annihilative and self-service. It is a culture of self-destroying tendencies. The urban landscape has become a madcap of consumerism. Victor Prince Dickson through the Anatomy of Entrepreneurship has provided a new positive MADCAP: new Measures, Approaches, Directions, Capacity and Practice to rescue the world from endless drift”.
Nnabugwu Chizoba
“The author's ability to relate the skill sets involved in the entrepreneurship process to the psychosocial theories of development and the age-long debate of nature and nurture places responsibility on parents, teachers, policymakers and administrators to chart the course of nation-building through inculcating entrepreneurship into the fabrics of the 'being' of every citizen. Through the knowledge and practice of the Heptagonic Model, entrepreneurship could be the bedrock of nation-building and economic emancipation in a nation’s journey to prosperity. I recommend this book not only to be read but re-read and studied over and over again”.
Dr Okonoda Kingsley.Mayowa
MBChB (Ife), FWACP (Psych).