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FEMINITY vs HUMANITY… The Journey into Woman Intelligence.

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One of the greatest challenges of the 21st-century woman is the fact that she has been made more female and less human.

Through studies and observations, it is becoming so difficult for a woman to decide which is the best option.

To be Human first before a woman or to be the woman first before the human.

This is getting even more complicated considering that majority of the men, are not sure exactly the order, human before woman or woman before human.

The fallout is that truths have become gender-fied, and so does all its compliment such as kindness, justice, fairness, respect, honor, Leadership even the Almighty Love.

Each of these principles and its essence first needs to suffer a battering of gender allocation before it makes sense for many.
To such an extent that we are losing the essence of their virtues.

Almost all discussions and brainstorming hardly have merits of their own, especially during conflict or mediation on any matter concerning man or woman. If the man offers solutions, it is from the man’s perspective, if the woman offers it is from a woman’s perspective.

The big question then is, where is the humane perspective? Of course, it has been thrown out during the battle of the sexes.

Make no mistake about it, there are loads of benefits when you negotiate as a woman, especially with weak men, but the consequence of this, most times is thingification.

As a woman when you negotiate your progress, needs, and vision from only the pedestal of your femaleness, you will without fail be shortchanged, in the basic rewards of life

On the flip side, there are tones of values and benefit beyond power when a woman negotiates as a human being. This is because the virtues of life are neither male nor female.

Truths and sincere counsel can come from even the most unlikely source, the old young, male or female. Unfortunately, the majority of women have missed these because they are wearing the lens of Femaleness. this reality applies to men also.

I believe that because of the Prophesy, the Times of Life, and Universal Mechanics a lot of human progress will depend on the woman going forward.

However navigating this gift, responsibility and glory will demand more self-awareness much more than it has been required in the history of humanity.

As it is my character to walk on where angels fear to tread while offering Common Sense, I will lead in pushing the Woman Intelligence as a discipline, skill, and competence. After all, when the purpose is not known abuse is inevitable.

The focus here is not to understand the woman’s sexuality, nor her femaleness, I tell you that is currently on the front burner, unfortunately by those who are seeking to underdevelop the Woman.

My focus is to draw attention and focus on the truth that the Woman is FIRST a HUMAN Being before she became the Woman.

She has a heart, head, and body. She has everything that completes her humanity.

Therefore focusing on her femaleness, above the quality of her heart and the brilliance of her brain is the world’s greatest tragedy.

The core of the tragedy is not that majority of men do that, the real tragedy is that most women like it that way. Women Intelligence was inspired by my journey in Transformation Intelligence (TQ).

In my Journey to help individuals and organizations navigate CHANGE AND GROWTH through Transformation Intelligence, I identified and recognized key systems and principles of Transformation that are hampering our performance and growth.

I see the gaps and traps we lay for ourselves to the extent that despite our best intentions in the relationship, marriage, and work, disaster is always just a step away.

Woman Intelligence Course is not for Women only, it is a very crucial competence every man must have without which you may never optimize your manhood. Most especially now that we are thriving to become more human in the era of machines and robotics.

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