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Ever heard the phrase learning never ends? Even the Bible alludes to the fact that once you stop learning, even what you know will be forgotten. This goes without saying that the refusal to learn spells doom across board.

This is because however you go about it, your learning rate is directly linked to your growth rate. The reason and logic is not farfetched: you cannot give what you do not have. In this context, you cannot grow a business or move up the career ladder without a complementary capacity.

Productivity and Growth have become buzzwords of the 21ST Century. However, what many have failed to realize is that they are both hinged and anchored on Learning. It simply means that your Productivity and Growth is only as good as your Learning.

The fact is that we now live in a world where education and learning has shifted from ‘wholesale’ to ‘retail’. This simply means you to learn On-demand and In-demand through the principle of Micro-Learning.

Due to the rapid nature of consistent innovations and disruptions been churned out in the world today, it makes no sense for you to learn a skill that is already or will become obsolete. Why should you invest the time, energy, emotions and money only to complete the learning process and become irrelevant and lost in oblivion? As a matter of fact, Learning has become the new gold. In order to tap into the goldmine of Learning, I highly recommend a course for you on the Skillcomvalley platform: The Art and Science of Learning.

This has given birth to the rise of Active Learning where you learn on-the-go based on your purpose, vision and immediate capacity needs at any point in time. Active Learning in no small measure boosts your Productivity, Improvement, Growth, and Transformation across Personal Development, Career, and Business exponentially.

At this point, I want to let you know that Learning and Growing are two sides of a coin as well as the proverbial ‘horse’ and ‘cart’. Your Learning is the horse that drives your cart of growth and results. They are independent and interdependent hence the need to invest in them greatly.

Growth, financial growth, increasing sales, moving up chart graph concept background.

The truth is that you must see value in yourself to add value to yourself by grabbing learning opportunities. You must inherently see yourself as worth the investment of time, energy and finances it will require to truly ‘grow your growth.’

At a point in time I was studying great achievers trying to find the connection between their knowledge, executional capabilities and phenomenal results. I listened to Grant Cardone saying that he made it a point of duty to invest $400,000 USD yearly on his own learning and growth through courses and trainings. It goes without saying that this is one of the major reasons he is successful and continues to stay at the top of his industry.

You and I know that $400,000 is a lot of money but it’s not too much to invest in oneself. I can tell you for free that if Grant Cardone stops learning and investing in himself, his enterprise will die a natural death. This is because his capacity to drive and improve his enterprise in the right direction would be……

Dear reader, it is not an accident that Amazon and Tesla are at the level they currently are. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have built and continue to learn and expand their capacities to steer their enterprises towards success.

So make no mistake about it, the more you learn and implement, the more you grow your results. However, it all begins from a Growth Mindset as against a fixed mindset. From my experience, very few courses have the capacity to teach the fundamentals of Learning and Growth like the 10X Growth Laws and Strategies on Skillcomvalley. Check it out and thank me later.  


  • Imbibe learning as a habit and lifestyle.
  • Become intentional and proactive about learning by setting aside a part of your income for courses and trainings. (Just like you do for your other bills)
  • Learn mostly In-demand and future skills.
  • Become part of a tribe of productive and result oriented individuals and groups.

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