Your Thought is your greatest leverage

The best power to leverage now is the power to produce life-transforming thoughts. This is the most critical energy that will enable you to frame and reframe your mind for any level of success you wish to attain.

To win in today’s world of unending change, constant disruptions and uncertainties, your capacity to think must be optimal, otherwise, you are bound to sabotage your efforts and progress. 

The reasons are obvious, let's consider just 11. Without a thinking skill :

  1. You will lack the capacity to discover yourself and gain clarity.
  2. You can not Visualize the future and your next move.
  3. You will not be able to unpack opportunities from challenges
  4. You will lack the capacity to connect the dots and make meaning from seemingly unconnected events that directly affect you.
  5. You will be paralyzed with fear and inaction.
  6. You will lose the capacity to leverage the power of data/numbers to accelerate your progress in Career, Business, and wealth drive.
  7. You will lack the capacity to create and navigate obstacles and problems. 
  8. You will settle for less than you are worth.
  9. You will become comfortable with mediocrity
  10. You will become a victim.
  11. You can not LEAD.

Thinking was originally reserved for KINGS.

Even now, it is still an exclusive skill of the few. This explains why School mainly teaches you how to MEMORIZE rather than how to THINK.

Thinking Field, Mind Development Workbook

Will help you develop thinking skills, enable you to understand HOW thinking occurs, directs you on how to think through problems and develop business ideas from our simulations tools.

Book Reviews

“An insightful work for those who truly want to understand what it takes to create the world that attracts fulfilment to them and their community” .
Viktor Kuchili
(Stepping Out)
A very spiritual, moral and totally amazing book, full of modern day value for good thinking of what this generation needs to put an end to the wrong turn we have all taken by thinking wrongly. I could not put this book down until the last page… I rate Victor Prince Dickson’s writing 5*****. This is the best book ever on THINKING!
Margaret Inusa
President, Sweet Relationship Network)
The Thinking Field is a manual for living a life of impact. It is a complete exposition of Proverbs 23:7…From the moment I started reading it, I could not drop it till I finished.
Benson Ogbe
(House of Hope Int’l)


Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of Kommon Sense. a gamification tool for mastering life and work skills, such as Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Strategic Communication, and Negotiations Skills just to mention a few. He is the founder of Skillcom Valley. lead proponent of Organic Intelligence fondly called the Transformation Consultant. He is an Entrepreneur, a consummate Teacher. Executive Director El-spice Media Limited and Coordinating Ambassador World Creativity and Innovation Week. Africa.

Thinking Field, A mind development Workbook is easy to read, fun to have and life Transforming to engage

The best place to fight all your battle and win all your wars is the place in between your two ears. It is your responsibility to develop this battlefield for constant victories. 



Develop your leverage for success in Relationship, Career and Business.