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Today’s work environment is busy for everyone. Rapid change is the norm. Too little time describes almost everyone’s regular experience and many use this as an excuse not to improve, transform and grow.

Dictionary.com defines Productivity as “the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services.”

I earnestly hope you understand that after being busy and engaged, if you have not generated, created or improved various products and services despite all the work you might have done in the process, you really did not do anything, without mincing words, your whole efforts, time, energy and resources were simply wasted!

How we tend to view Productivity today should be a bit different. Yes, Productivity remains a measure of getting stuff done, but in a rapidly changing global economy, Productivity seems like it’s gone a bit off the rails. Productivity is no longer just a measure of output anymore. True Productivity is about squeezing every bit of output that we can from a single day because days culminate into weeks, weeks culminate into months and finally years. In the final analysis, it’s about getting more done in shrinking amounts of time.


I want you to ponder on this analogy of Productivity and Growth I created.

Mr. X starts a catering business and 20 years later realizes he has created a job while another chef Mr. Y who also starts a catering business and in 10 years, has 16 locations and the business worth has risen to $10, 000, 000 USD. The difference here is the upward movement of Productivity, Improvement, Growth, Transformation and Results.

What is clear from this analogy is that Mr. Y was more visionary, focused, productive and result-oriented. Are they not both in the same business of catering? The answer is clear but there is a clear differentiation: Mr. Y did more with less.

Not too long ago, Elon Musk (though he was overtaken again by Jeff Bezos) became the world’s richest man rather than bask in that euphoria, he went back to work immediately because that is what Productivity is all about. You never stop or slow down your momentum at any point in time or else, you will lose ground.

We all know that it takes a lot of concentration, productivity, growth and results to get to the top but do you know that it takes four (4) times of all that to still stay at the top?

The truth is that Productive people don’t try to do everything or even a lot of things by quantity, but they focus their time, efforts and resources on quality – i.e., what will have the most impact and scale their enterprise or career in the short, medium and long term.

However, truly Productive people are clear about their most important priorities on the job, in the marketplace and in their relationship lives by cutting through the noise.The fact is that we are living in a technologically rich world and this is the noise I am alluding to. There are just so many gadgets and devices that we can work and play with. Then there are all these applications that can either make our lives easier or can just as easily distract us from the task at hand. And then there’s of course television, YouTube, and the endless wonders that can be found over the internet. The world is certainly at our fingertips, but for many, this is to their detriment.

High Productivity Representing Performance Excessive And Productive

The supposed advantage has become a detriment because it has turned into an endless struggle of trying to fight over such distractions in an attempt to get things done to accelerate either your personal development, business or career. But time and again you may just get caught up checking your emails, conducting unnecessary research on Google, absorbing yourself in the latest news and gossip from around the world, and so much more.

Yes, all this makes you quite busy, but being busy is certainly not same as being productive. There is a difference, and it’s up to you to recognize when your productive efforts turn into nothing more than aimless busyness that gets you nowhere. Any task, activity or responsibility that doesn’t help you improve, evolve and grow for the better is unproductive in the final analysis.

If you are seeking to be immune and protect yourself from the weaponized noise in our world today, I highly recommend a particular resource for you to download and study. What’s more, it’s totally free so simply click on https://mailchi.mp/d8b201c1501f/the-art-of-silence and thank me later.

It is my sincere hope that the article inspires you to strictly prioritize your list of everything you need to do in terms of what will have the most and best impact on your professional and personal goals while eliminating whatever threatens to hinder you. This is because a lot of things are good to do in themselves but won’t play any role whatsoever in helping you scale your career or enterprise from an input and output perspective for the best ROI results. Because it is all about measuring your efforts, time, data, emotions, and resources so that you know if you are winning or losing.

However, this article is not enough to help you become productive because it purpose is simply to inspire and make you aware of some few insights. To truly become productive and grow, I know of an in-depth course that is guaranteed to guide you to success only if you sign up for it at Skillcomvalley: 10X Growth Laws and Strategies feel free to thank me later.

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