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If you are not human, then this does not concern you, but if you are, you need to take 3 minutes to read and review how this article will help you handle the subtle but lethal challenge before you right now.

Every single one of the 7.9 billion people on earth is facing one challenge or the other. Anyone telling you anything less is total B.S. 

The truth is that we all have challenges, only that it varies in terms of scope, levels, and intensity, nonetheless, there are still challenges. And when I mean everyone, that does not exclude, Bernard Arnault & FamilyJeff BezosElon Musk, or even Mark Zuckerberg.

When considering a list of challenges, it is common to first mention the global concerns before we remember to consider personal categories. Presently, some of the common global challenges include endemics and pandemics such as we are mastering to overcome. 

Others are collective crises that require community efforts like Climate change, Sustainable development, Wealth Management and distribution, Technology Access, Use, and Control. just to mention but a few.

However, by so doing we fail to realize that at the centre of this list, is ourselves, caught up in a compromising position that easily conflicts with who we are. Consequently, such constant conflicts begin to weigh in on our choices between the core of our belief systems vs the trends of the global community, such as what is politically and socially correct. 

Because we have become highly conflicted, it is common to see us go to bed conflicted over one item just to wake up to another item of conflict at dawn, whether it be immigration issues or the Israel Palestinian war. As a result of this constant friction, our core can be affected.

All of this does not happen in space, it occurs with and around you, through a mental process, emotional connections, and even physical alignments.

When you consider this process of Problem Transference, you will realize that this is a subtle but very lethal process with far-reaching effects on your Person, Career and Business due to the fact that it affects your values, principles, and beliefs. 

I have listed below the 3 key areas of your life that this PT can greatly affect.

  1. Because you are constantly engaging your brain to make meaning out of these happenings with some levels of uncertainty, it is possible that your concern can drive you to anxiety and other mental health cliffs. A state of mind that will no doubt affect your Productivity.  
  2. Again because your emotions are involved as a result of mental triggers, you can experience Emotional exhaustion where you feel worn out and drained as a result of accumulated emotions, such as frustration, anger, institutional betrayal. Somehow it is easy to feel like you have no power or control over what is happening around you. Hence you will be stuck or trapped.
  3. The result is going to be a lack of energy or poor sleep, decreased motivation, an uninspired attempt at goals and targets, and even physical health challenges. 

 At this point without meaning to, you can see now, how global challenges have somehow cascaded to become a process of personal interrogation and personal doubt. And if this is not properly handled, it may trigger a classic case of an identity crisis. Sadly, nothing truncates performance, productivity, and growth like identity crisis. 

In development Psychology, there are certain situations and events that are known as “crisis” usually, there serve as catalysts along the lines of our development. Depending on how the process is managed.

In this context, all global crisis are a catalyst for becoming a better person and scaling your vision if properly explored but it can also become the greatest source of stress and depression when not properly explored. 

It is these crisis that create internal conflict and emotional disruption, and cause us to interrogate our values, beliefs, and goals. from whence we explore new possibilities, form new beliefs, adopt new values, and make unfamiliar choices.

What is required to manage this process, is known as Transformation Intelligence.

Inbuilt into this personal Transformation processes are components and principles of change and change management. The process guides you to understand the principle of Innate capital and how best to leverage these natural assets to evolve into a remarkable personality that can withstand the demands of the modern 21st century while maintaining your unique personality at home and workplace. 

Identity crisis are a clear and present danger, in the modern world. There is a good and urgent reason to overcome it. At the very least it has been proven that those who have made a strong commitment to their identity tend to be happier, healthier, and successful than those still hovering over the issue. After all, all Hard skills are powered by Soft Skills.

You will definitely score very high in different aspects of yourself in the different areas of life, including your role at work, within the family, and even in romantic relationships by auditing your personal identity and fixing your Soft skills.

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