21 Days Growth Map Victor Prince Dickson


The secret to 10X Growth is to KNOW it, in your Head, BELIEVE it in your heart and EXECUTE it with your hands.

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Get the Focused Key Secrets with This Guide:

Growth Habits: 21 Days Growth Map will enable you to build a Growth Mindset to push boundaries even in the middle of crises and challenges. Just so that you can become more and achieve more.

Growth Tools: 21 Days Growth Map, will empower you with current Technology tools, that will enable you to maximize your time and task for greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Growth Intelligence: 21 Days Growth Map, will guide you to measure your key resources like time and skills with the formula for measuring Productivity, Growth, and Efficiency.

Financial Targets: 21 Days Growth Map, will provide insights for you to set practical financial targets using the 7 models of income. This will enable you to live your dream lifestyle.

 Hey, I’m Victor Prince Dickson (founder Skillcomvalley)

As a   Transformation consultant, I have been privileged to have individuals and organizations come to me to guide them to evolve, become and perform. Despite the different fields and problems of my clientele, I find one fatal flaw common in almost all of them. The size of the desire for productivity is always higher than the size of their willingness to change so that they can perform. Ultimately, everyone wanted to grow but none wanted to change. This is common in humans.

This is what I help them realize


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