Soft Skill by Victor Prince Dickson


The fact is that well-rounded and highly-developed soft skills are invaluable competence for life and work. Learn and leverage on your soft skill and design your competence for Efficiency.

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Incidentally, Soft Skills are more difficult to develop than hard skills. Yet despite the difficulties, we can still develop and expand them. The demand for soft skills is increasing by the hour in Career and Business. 

In principle, Soft are people skills, it is often described as the capacity to interact with self and others.

 In this book, you will be introduced to :

  • The power of Soft skills, and why employers have put a premium on it
  • How to audit and improve your repository of soft skills.
  • How to design and compliment your Skill-Sets through Soft/Hard Skills match
  • How to navigate Career and Business terrains using the 7 Soft Skills Code
  • And More.

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