Start Up Entrepreneur Victor Prince Dickson


The Start-Up Entrepreneur provides the best angle of elevation for Business and innovation to take off and scale. PRE-ORDER NOW. RELEASE DATE – SEPTEMBER 29th, 2021.


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Anyone can start a business but very few can scale. To embark on a venture or undertaking, especially a commercial one requires a wide variety of Skills Sets. Startup Entrepreneur is an expanded version of  Anatomy of Entrepreneurship. 

In Start-Up Entrepreneur, I explored four areas that have become a critical challenge for most Startups.

  • The mindset of the Entrepreneur
  • Models of Entrepreneurship (Organic and Synthetic)
  • Sustainable penetration Strategies for launching new ventures.
  •  The Fifth Economy

Every Start-up rises and falls on any or all of these units, the capacity to engage each of these units is the secret behind the success of most Start-Up. This book will provide insight into the Myth of Start-Up, it breaks down the illusions of business failures, provides insights to want matters the most, and finally furnish you with the power to START, STAY and SCALE.



Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of Kommon Sense. a gamification tool for mastering life and work skills, such as Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Strategic Communication, and Negotiations Skills just to mention a few. He is the founder of Skillcom Valley.  lead proponent of Organic Intelligence fondly called the Transformation Consultant. He is an Entrepreneur, a consummate Teacher. Executive Director El-spice Media Limited and Coordinating Ambassador World Creativity and Innovation Week. Africa.


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