The Art of Silence in a World of Noise

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To win over a Weaponized Noise such as we are experiencing today, you need to design your Silence.

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4 reviews for The Art of Silence in a World of Noise

  1. Sarah Nwosu Davidel

    This book is worth more than the price of it. I recommend this to everyone willing to live above average. Art of Silence made me understood that in every challenge there are lessons to learn.
    Be silent about your visions and dreams when they are at the levels of conceptions because there are lots of things (persons) waiting to discourage you and tell you why it can’t work. Because they can kill your zeal even before you start.
    For every vision, there are 3-stages. We have the conception, birth, and death stages. The death season can result in death in actual reality or birthing of something big if you choose to seek help at this stage and also rationalize instead of being filled with emotions.
    Also to get a clear vision of your purpose, you need to learn the act of silence. I also learned that the night season is a time that one can take hold of, to silence every voice.

    Also, I learned what silence truly means. Silence is not an absence of noise but the ability to be quiet within yourself and your mind.
    Obviously, these are a few of the things, the book “Art of Silence” has done and I’ve learned.

    By _Sarah Nwosu Davidel_
    An Economist and presently the Sales Specialist with Cornerstone Insurance Plc, Lagos Nigeria.

  2. Mayowa Kolawole

    Victor Price Dickson’s “Art of Silence” investigates how “weaponized noise” has hindered our ability to reach our full potential.
    After pointing out critical issues with noise, he also gave practical solutions while using simple vocabulary and illustrations.
    The relationship that he established between the current state of the world and the need for silence piqued my interest.
    I’d recommend this book for those who wish to be distinguished in life.

    By _Mayowa Kolawole_
    A Physicist, University of Jos

  3. Maxwell

    Clarity, clarity and more clarity is what this book is about. The book revealed how Silence is the greatest weapon needed to strive, thrive and succeed in a world that is so saturated with noise from every direction. The book’s insights can’t be gotten from anywhere else apart from inside it’s pages. The book surely helped me unlearn, learn, relearn the Art of Silence which is very crucial for any individual, organization or institution seeking to win and lead in a world that is rapidly changing.

  4. Saintcharles E.

    The Art of Silence is a non-conventional work exclusively reserved for individuals who are ready to understand and harness the benefit of silence by reaching through to the power embedded in them through meditation, imagination, and thinking. This work helped in the understanding of how to detect a weaponized noise and manage the benefit of obscurity and darkness.

    I recommend this to everyone willing to optimize personal and career transformation.

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