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There was once a man who was very lost. He had no idea what he was looking for in life, or even what he wanted. All he knew was that he was missing something.

One day, he came across a sign that said “THE LAW OF FINDABILITY”. It was a very strange sign, but it spoke to him.

The man decided to follow the law, and he started by finding what he was looking for. He focused on his desires, and he grew with them. He found what he needed, and he harvested it.

The man continued to follow the law, and he found himself, others, and purpose. He found a problem and solved it. He found a solution and shared it. He found a purpose and embraced it. He found a skill and learned it. He found an asset and invested in it. He found a team and lead it. He found a community and engaged it.

He found his death and died it.

But most importantly, he found life and lived it. At the end of the day, the man found his FIND. And he was finally able to live a fulfilling life.

The law in Bullets;

Find what you are looking for and Focus on it.
Find what you desire and Grow with it.
Find what you need and Harvest it.

Find yourself, Find others, and Find Purpose.

Find a problem and solve it.
Find a solution and share it.
Find a purpose and embrace it.
Find a skill and learn it.
Find an asset and invest in it.
Find a team and lead it.
Find a community and engage it.
Find your death and die it.
Find life and live it.

To effectively deploy the LOF (Law of Findability) requires principles culture and mindset. A process made easy with Human Singularity.

These are beyond the scope of this very article nonetheless beyond recognizing the LOF you have to take the next step of immersing yourself into its power and super effectiveness in relationships, business, and leadership.

May you find what you deserve!

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