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What You Need Now is Transformation

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Are you in that place where you are wondering WHAT NEXT?

So many activities, efforts, and sacrifices but very few results. Right now you are Emotionally, Physically, and even Financially drained.

All around you are just stressors, news of war escalating, kidnapping, relationships, and marriage failures, in short, everything that can go wrong and you are told will go wrong.

In a way, you are in a state of fear and uncertainty. You have been told to skill up, yet you still feel empty. Music even seems to be failing you. Some even rise from their knees with such hopelessness.

I even heard stories of those who are thankful for seeing a new day but fearful to face the day. Uncertainty and fatigue somehow have become the new normal.

The world is changing so fast that it is overwhelming us. The majority of people are exhausted from their souls.

I do not deny the realities of chaos or the confusion in the air. Just the same way, I do not deny the strength of the human spirit and the power of the human Mind.

My journey, as a researcher, teacher, and coach in Transformation, has exposed me to the power of the human mind, and the strength to withstand and excel even amidst the greatest of tragedies.

Recent events have proven that the modern world is trying to weaken the human Spirit for enslavement and control. And in doing so, many are told of the powers without, and as such, we focused less on the powers within. Consequently, we now go to ‘Sokoto’ in search of what is already in our ‘Sokoto’.

As I watch the Russian -Ukraine conflict escalate to war, I see the list of weapons designed and deployed to kill and annihilate human beings. The full Art and Science of it.

Such as the Phosphorus bombs, Kinzhal missiles, 9K720 Iskander ballistic missiles, Stinger Surface-to-Air Missile, not forgetting SATAN 1 and 2.

I could not help but wonder why, despite our technology and innovativeness, we have not found a way to develop a weapon for kindness, truth, and compassion. A kind of weapon that when fired into a territory will make everyone there to be become educated in our latest war against illiteracy.

The only reason you may never see such is that ultimately, the struggle to become a better person is personal. It is not communal.

Therefore, knowing that this is true, it is your absolute duty to learn how to grow and become better. To realize that the world will not wait for you to find happiness and fulfillment.

You must own up to the fact that you need to go out of your way to invest in growth even in the midst of chaos and confusion.

You owe it to yourself to become mature and attain your very best. But this is where most of us get it wrong. We forget to Transform!

You see, nothing beats Transformation. It is the ultimate alignment to change and growth.

Most of our failures are resident in the fact that we insist on using old war tools to fight new wars.

The environment is no longer as you know it, people have become complex, and the simple relationship has become complicated. Life, as it is today, has become multidimensional and in the midst of it, change is still constant.

The only way therefore to tackle change despite whatever it throws at you is to GROW.

The only science of blending Change and Growth to get something better is called Transformation.

You need to upgrade your thought patterns, your sights balls, and vents. You must have a full grasp of your meaning(s) otherwise others will impose on you their purpose.

It is a fact that the secrets of life are buried in seasons.

A good seed on good land in the wrong season will fail. It is not personal. It is what it is. Therefore, your need to build your capacity to recognize your seeds, soil, and seasons.

You need to know when your talent is no longer enough, or when your niceness needs some sting. You need to understand why good men sometimes carry swords.

Nonetheless, you need to remember that even Transformation has 4 seasons:

1) AWARENESS is that period when you realize that you are too big to become small.

2) DEFORMATION is that season when you understand that you need to destroy so that you can recreate.

3) REFORMATION is that season when you need to rewrite your stars, on your terms.

4) TRANSFIGURATION is that season when your growth enables others to grow.

This is just a kind reminder that what you need right now, is TRANSFORMATION.

Victor Prince Dickson.

Your Transformation Consultant.

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